Hello, I’m Hannah Khan

And while I prefer in-person introductions to their online counterparts, I’m nevertheless ecstatic that you’ve came to the home-page of my online portfolio to learn more about my work. So allow me to introduce myself —

In brevity, I’m a storyteller who uses the digital sphere as a canvas for executing ideas.

The average adult spends nearly half a day (10 hours!) looking at a screen. As the digital world becomes saturated with content, it is my goal to ensure that screen is full of meaningful, engaging text and visuals, with the purpose of starting vivid and insightful dialogue.

How do I do this? By having an obsessive passion for digital outlets and the trends that act as catalysts for digital innovation. I know exactly what will make a user “double tap” on an Instagram image and I understand the ins and outs of @handles and #hashtags. Somehow along the way, I acquired a skill of typing at 126 words a minute — faster than one word per the average heartbeat.

My specialty lies in strategically engaging with target audiences and establishing brand credibility in the online realm. With a network of online media and digital influencer contacts in the industries of tourism, culinary, hospitality, fashion, and beauty, I’ve helped brands leverage their online presence to build a robust online-presence that entices users to organically engage with a brand.

I’m a blogger, a millennial, a content strategist who is obsessed with social media — and this is my passion. Interested in learning more? Let’s connect.

Looking for my resume? Find it here.